Big Drama! January 29th, 2016

Dear friends,

“Save the Drama for your Momma!” “Drama Queen”!  The word drama usually has a negative connotation but I think it has a bad rap!  Would you read a novel with no drama?  Would you binge watch Mozart in The Jungle on Amazon Prime, sacrificing precious sleep, and staying up until 2am to see the last episode even though you have to wake up at 6am the next day, if there was no drama?  Of course not!  And if you’re thinking “I have never seen the Mozart thing” please insert your own preferred time wasting drama infused activity above…

Life, at least good life, is packed full of drama.  The problem is we humans have an ancient biological need to over dramatize a flat tire, or a busted window.  Our fight or flight instincts are still firing on all cylinders and if unchecked we will put a simple stumbling block right next to Mt. Everest!  Drama is what gets us out of bed every day and keeps us anxious for more of this precious life.  Drama has created and destroyed entire civilizations and continues each of us on a path to wrestle life into submission or risk being submitted ourselves.  I have compiled a few simple tricks to maximize on these biological instincts and tap into Big Drama.  This type of drama should be your focus and requires a lot of energy and here are three ways to live a life of Big Drama!

  1. Don’t’ sweat the small stuff.
  • By now most of us have concluded that there is only one person in your life that can make you happy. That person is you!  You are always 100% responsible for your own happiness.  Don’t let a flat tire ruin your day, it happens from time to time and maybe add an emergency fund into your budget to limit the financial burden.
  • Automate your life. If you have consulted an abacus to balance your check book ledger recently let me introduce you to the internet, Google, and excel!  Almost everything can be automated it just takes a little time and patience to learn new things. Never pay another late payment in your life! Set all of your basic bills on auto pay.
  1. Don’t take anything personally.
  • It’s not me, it’s you. This may not work in your personal relationships but remember when someone is mean or disrespectful towards you it may have nothing to do with you! Even if it does, refer to the statement above, you are not responsible for other people’s happiness!
  • Do your best and even if you fail or make a mistake you can rest well at night knowing you gave it your all.
  1. Big Drama!
  • Most fish and plants will only grow as big as the aquarium or pot you put them in. If the only drama in your life is bumming about gas prices going up 10 cents guess what, you need a bigger pot!  Your dreams and drama can be chosen and predictably achieved by learning from others who have done what you want to do.

The easiest way I have found to execute the above steps is to continually look to the big picture.  If you have big dreams and big goals the little things tend to fade into the background.  Last year’s big drama was becoming a father to an amazing little guy named Oliver!  This year my big drama is purchasing a new office building for Absolute Real Estate!  Here is to making the most drama possible in 2016!

Michael Schlichte, Absolute Real Estate

PS, I love big drama, especially from people I like!  Email me 2016’s Big Drama at

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